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About OIG

Data provided by  Department of Commerce
Describes information about the OIG DOC

About this Dataset

Updated: 2022-07-29
Metadata Last Updated: 2014-08-31
Date Created: N/A
Data Provided by:
Office of Inspector General
Dataset Owner: N/A

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Table representation of structured data
Title About OIG
Description Describes information about the OIG DOC
Modified N/A
Publisher Name Office of Inspector General
Contact mailto:OIGWEB@OIG.DOC.GOV
Keywords Contact information , OIG ABOUT
    "@type": "dcat:Dataset",
    "title": "About OIG",
    "description": "Describes information about the OIG DOC",
    "modified": "2014-08-31",
    "accessLevel": "public",
    "identifier": "DOC-08029",
    "license": "https:\/\/www.usa.gov\/publicdomain\/label\/1.0\/",
    "publisher": {
        "@type": "org:Organization",
        "name": "Office of Inspector General"
    "contactPoint": {
        "@type": "vcard:Contact",
        "fn": "WEBMASTER",
        "hasEmail": "mailto:OIGWEB@OIG.DOC.GOV"
    "distribution": [
            "@type": "dcat:Distribution",
            "mediaType": "text\/html",
            "title": "Acting Inspector General",
            "description": "Biography of Acting Inspector General David Smith",
            "downloadURL": "https:\/\/www.oig.doc.gov\/Pages\/Acting-Inspector-General.aspx"
    "keyword": [
        "Contact information",
        "OIG ABOUT"
    "bureauCode": [
    "programCode": [

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