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The Department of Commerce is charged with creating the conditions for economic growth and opportunity for all Americans and American communities. Achieving this mission requires having data about our communities, our businesses, and our economy to spur the creation of good-paying jobs, foster innovation, and ensure that all American workers and businesses have the necessary tools and equitable opportunities to compete. As America’s Data Agency, the Department of Commerce provides foundational statistical, scientific, and other data to support evidence-based decision-making by individuals and institutions.

  • Data are essential to advancing the Department’s mission and serving the public. Leaders at the Department have the responsibility to ensure our data are comprehensive, consistent, confidential, credible, and appropriately accessible. Strengthening data governance and management across the Department will not only accelerate evidence building and enhance our operational performance, but it will make it easier for stakeholders to access, analyze, and use Commerce data. The Commerce Data Strategy is a roadmap to maximizing the positive impact of Commerce data and staff.
  • Commerce Data Strategy: https://www.commerce.gov/sites/default/files/2021-08/US-Dept-of-Commerc…

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