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Lophelia II 2009: Deepwater Program: Exploration and Research of Northern Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Natural and Artificial Hard Bottom Habitats with Emphasis on Coral Communities: Reefs, Rigs and Wrecks on NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown between 20090819 and 20090912

This cruise used the remotely operated vehicle (ROV) Jason II
to: explore 4-6 new sites for the occurrence of deep water coral reefs; made
collections of Lophelia and other corals for genetic and physiological studies,
made collections of communities associated with Lophelia and other corals for
ecological studies; collected quantitative digital imagery for characterization
of sites and coral communities; collect spatially explicit physical near bottom
oceanographic data; deploy cameras and microbial arrays; reposition larval traps
and current meters; collected push cores; and conducted a series of linked
archeological/ biological investigations on deep water

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