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Public Data Listing

Data provided by  Bureau of Economic Analysis
BEA's Public Data Listing

About this Dataset

Updated: 2022-07-29
Metadata Last Updated: N/A
Date Created: N/A
Data Provided by:
Bureau of Economic Analysis
Dataset Owner: N/A

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Table representation of structured data
Title Public Data Listing
Description BEA's Public Data Listing
Modified N/A
Publisher Name Bureau of Economic Analysis
Contact mailto:Webmaster@bea.gov
Keywords GDP , Interactive Tables , Personal Income and Outlays , Consumer Spending , Corporate Profits , Fixed Assets , Underlying Detail , Balance of Payments , Trade in Goods and Services , International Services , International Investment Position , Direct Investment and Multinational Companies , GDP by State and Metropolitan Area , State and Local Area Personal Income , RIMS II Regional Input-Output Multipliers , Economic Information for Coastal Areas , Annual Industry Accounts , GDP by Industry , Input-Output Accounts , Benchmark Input-Output Accounts
    "accessLevel": "public",
    "accrualPeriodicity": "R\/P1M",
    "bureauCode": [
    "contactPoint": {
        "@type": "vcard:Contact",
        "fn": "Webmaster",
        "hasEmail": "mailto:Webmaster@bea.gov"
    "description": "BEA's Public Data Listing",
    "distribution": [
            "description": "BEA's support of Open Data",
            "accessURL": "http:\/\/www.bea.gov\/data.htm",
            "format": "API"
    "identifier": "http:\/\/www.bea.gov\/data.htm",
    "keyword": [
        "Interactive Tables",
        "Personal Income and Outlays",
        "Consumer Spending",
        "Corporate Profits",
        "Fixed Assets",
        "Underlying Detail",
        "Balance of Payments",
        "Trade in Goods and Services",
        "International Services",
        "International Investment Position",
        "Direct Investment and Multinational Companies",
        "GDP by State and Metropolitan Area",
        "State and Local Area Personal Income",
        "RIMS II Regional Input-Output Multipliers",
        "Economic Information for Coastal Areas",
        "Annual Industry Accounts",
        "GDP by Industry",
        "Input-Output Accounts",
        "Benchmark Input-Output Accounts"
    "language": [
    "modified": "P1M",
    "programCode": [
    "publisher": {
        "name": "Bureau of Economic Analysis"
    "spatial": "USA",
    "temporal": "R\/1901-01\/P1M",
    "title": "Public Data Listing"

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